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Ether and Stone is a quiet and charming yoga studio located in the heart of the Orenco Station community. All levels and ages welcome to practice. Our classes are grounded in mindfulness practices that challenge your body and ease your mind. We hope for the opportunity to meet you!

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Ether & Stone closed its doors on November 18th to help slow the spread of COVID-19 in our community, and our studio will remain closed until it is safe again to reopen. All classes will continue to be held virtually. Please join us online via Mindbody. Thank you for practicing yoga from the safety of your own home.

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Yoga Instructor

Spring 2021 Training begins on March 13th and will finish June 19th, 2021. 

Classes are every Saturday and Sunday from 6:30am to 3:30pm.

A quality, 200-hour yoga-teacher training program that offers an in depth understanding of yoga asana and philosophy.

This program welcomes all levels and those who wish to deepen their practice!

$2,500.00 if paid in full by February 15th


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“Amazing yoga studio! The studio is so beautifully designed and incredibly clean. Jess, the owner, is extremely kind and welcoming. She teaches her classes with so much so much grace, guidance, and warmth. I have LOVED every class here. Highly Recommend! 


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Regulate nervous system, stay grounded, hear your own voice of wisdom in the middle of a chaotic 2020. 

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1 one hour class of yoga

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2020 Pricing

New Student – 5 Class Pass


5 classes for $9.00 each

5 Class Pass

6 months to use them


$16.00 per class

10 Class Pass


$14.00 per class

20 Class Pass


$12.00 per class

1 Year

$100.00 per month

Autopay/1 Year Contract Required

6 Months

$120.00 per month

Autopay/6 Month Contract Required

1 Month

$140.00 per month

No Contract Required

1 Year


Paid in full (two month free)

6 Months


Paid in full (two month free)

Our Classes

We are beginner friendly and ready to challenge those you want to deepen their practice.

Beginner's Mind

Welcome! This class is designed for those who are new to yoga or new to the studio. Here we will focus on the foundations behind every pose and teach you how to modify as needed as you work to improve your strength and flexibility. Together, we will learn to honor the breath and move at a pace that allows everyone to find their proper alignment. We can’t wait to introduce you to our growing community!

Beginner Level

Light & Motion

A slow motion strength and flexibility flow. This class invites you to mindfully engage with your practice at a pace that allows for a delightful connection to your breath. Explore your relationship to familiar poses and learn to be curious of your mind and body in motion. The last few minutes of this class are dedicated to meditation and embracing poses that nurture us. Namaste 🙂

Beginner Level

Warrior Flow

This class reinforces the foundations of a beginner’s practice, while also providing opportunities to try modified intermediate and advanced poses with an emphasis on building strength and stabilizing the shoulders, deep core, and pelvic floor. This class serves as a bridge into some of our more challenging classes. There’s plenty of room to grow your practice here!

Intermediate Level

Chair Yoga

Every body is different. Adaptive Yoga, also known as Chair Yoga, is flexibly designed to modify the practice of yoga to each and every body. We’ll make use of props like chairs, bolsters, blankets, and blocks! With the right support, you’ll be able to cultivate a strong body-breath-mind connection in a safe and comfortable way. Let’s adapt the yoga to you so that you can grow into yoga!

Limit: 8 students

Yin Yoga


Yin Yoga is designed to literally open the body up, by peeling away layers of stress, injury, and tension that reside within. It applies healthy stress to joints and connective tissue (tendons, ligaments, and fascia) by holding poses for 3-5 minutes. Learn new techniques to create space in your physical body, to control your breath, and to slow your mind. 

Beginner Level 

Community Yoga


Community Yoga is a free yoga class that is open to the public and taught by our studio interns here at Ether & Stone. Our interns have proudly graduated from our Yoga Teacher Training program and are eager to share all that they’ve learned with you. Please invite a friend and join us in supporting our budding yoga instructors!

Beginner Level

Kids Yoga

 Ages 5-9 

Parents Welcome!

In this playful after school yoga class, children will learn fun and gentle yoga practices to help them pay better attention, balance their emotions, all while building strength and flexibility!

Limit: 8 students


Online Yoga Retreat

February something, 2021

12pm – 4 pm


Join us from the comfort of your own home for a very special online yoga retreat. 

~ Community

~ Poetry/Discussion

~ Restorative Yoga

~ Pranayama (breath work)

~ Tea sipping meditation

~ Journal Exercise

~ Nature Walk

~ Om Chant

Max: 8 Students

Practice from Home: Sun Salutation A

~ Namaste ~

The light in me sees and honors the light in you.

Meet Jes

Meet Jes

Studio Owner/ YTT Facilitator/ Instructor

Jessica Nunn is a 500 Hour Certified Yoga Instructor and has been teaching yoga for five years. Her recent training has expanded to include Yoga Therapy Professional Training. 

Throughout her life, the practice of Yoga has helped her address and relieve personal physical, mental, and emotional burdens. Yoga Therapy especially, has allowed her to explore and embrace her life authentically. Jessica is kind, calm, and gentle and sometimes a little scattered.

Like the name Ether & Stone, she is dedicated to cultivating a quality yoga practice that is both uplifting and grounding. She hopes to create a compassionate yoga space for herself and others.

New Student Pass

5 Class Pass for $45

We are beginner friendly and ready to challenge those who wish to deepen their practice!

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